Friday, June 14, 2013

Tasty Treats

Everyone has their own goals to reach, while others just want to live their life's through the accomplishments of others; howbeit the best experience is when a person makes their own ...

It's like when you bake a cake, get your hands sticky and dip you finger in the mix; but the person that walks into the bakery store won't feel the same satisfaction as you because they just pointed to it out, paid for it and didn't go through any the homemade steps ... 

As a Mom of 4 cake eating sons, I see the appreciation in their eyes while I'm beating the cake mix and adding all those tasty ingredients. Its just like a motion picture and the entire house stands still . That's why I Love to jump into things and embrace my own experiences ... How about you?
Psalm 37:4 (GNT) ~ Seek your happiness in the Lord,  and he will give you your heart's desire.
Written by Pastor Nancy Advincola (c)Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Called 2 Serve

We're so grateful that life isn't perpetually easy or always pleasant,  because as Vessels of Jesus Christ it's our responsibility to continue praying so that our relationship with him keeps on blossoming ... Educating society regarding the misconceptions of social issues is also our mission ... On account of, if we don't help take off the blindfolds of those in and out of the Church walls, then we're not imitators of our Heavenly Father ... 
In conclusion, nourishing minds with more heartfelt recipes to reach those who haven't accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior is key ... 
1 Corinthians 10:24 ~ (NLV)
Do not work only for your own good. Think of what you can do for others.
Written by Pastor Nancy Advincola (c)Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved